about submissive alan

good morning
I am a male submissive looking for a Domme Lady to train me to please her or Her Lady friends
i am 60 yrs old of medium build. i am married, however i am sure that discretion is your “middle name” and You would expect it to be mine as well – my wife does not have any interest in this side of life Mistress.
we have recently relocated from london
i am approx 5′ 11″ tall, have grey hair and grey blue eyes
normally i would say that i am quite dominant but a long time ago i came across a lady called “Mistress Sakika” she had a camera and was very attractive. well she asked me if i was going to put a show on for her – i said yes and was about to start wanking for her when She said stop – she wanted a chat first to see if i had any toys – i said i didn’t know what she meant so She said ok lets have a chat about what you have in the house – in the end we came up with a candle, a beer glass some clothes pegs some condoms and a tube of ky jelly (lubricating )
i was to stand up and put a clothes peg onto each nipple and then the rest of them on to the sack that encloses my balls – it was a bit sore i have to tell you – but She persuaded me – then She asked me if i thought i could pee – i said yes so She asked me to pee into the beer glass and put it to one side – then i had to show her my bottom and pull the cheeks apart and let her see me – i have to say it was all quite exciting. then She asked me to put a condom onto the candle and to put some “ky” on it, and some onto my ass hole and push a wee bit inside. She said that she was going to ask me to push the candle a little way into my ass – i thought it would be sore but She told me to relax and take it easy and to my surprise it went in with out too much discomfort – but boy when She asked me to move it in and out i nearly came on the spot – it was quite incredible the sensation – She said that she wanted me to wank and come into the beer glass on top of the pee.
well i have to say i came pretty quickly and did as She asked – then She said that She wanted to see it and would i hold up the glass. i did it and She said what a good boy i had been – She then asked if we could make an appointment to meet on the screen two days later – i agreed – and She asked that i try to drink a lot of water in the morning so that i would be able to pee more for her – i said that i would – and i did.
well the next time was incredible again

She asked me to put on the pegs like before and to pee into the glass – which i did – then i was to start and wank a little for her – then She said STOP. She asked if i would do something special for her – so i said what – and she said would i have a sip of the pee from the glass – i said i thought it would taste awful – but She persuaded me to have a sip – just a sip which i did – i must say it is not a drink that care much for – but i was very excited and so took a sip – not a mouth full – i wanted to spit it out but she persuaded me to swallow it – which i did – (little did i know that she would soon have me drinking it all) then i was to put the condom on the candle and push it into my ass like before – in and out but i was not to wank till She told me to – well a couple of minutes later she told me to wank – but i was to cum in my hand and not the glass (well you and i both know what She was going to ask me to do)
i duly came in my hand and a lot of it spillt over onto the floor – She wanted me to lick my hand clean – yuk
i don’t like the taste of spunk Mistress – although i just love having a girl suck me till i cum and then watch her swallow it.
after that we used to meet online regularly and She would ask me to do things that pleased her. generally involving the candle and i was always expected to have a full bladder.
Mistress Sakika had me make a lot of pictures for her over 100, and a few vids perhaps You would be kind enough to let me know if i should send some
i look forward to hearing from You at Your convenience Ma’am and remain most respectfully Yours


i should have mentioned my direct e mail as alan_inlondon@yahoo.com

a naughty vid i made for Miss Sakika before we lost touch

alan in the bath

About alan_inlondon

looking for a cyber Domme woman / lady interested in cbt and bdsm http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/ib27v0vlofey6j4vhasgi1w9ssol55jn
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5 Responses to about submissive alan

  1. alan says:

    i should have mentioned my direct e mail alan_inlondon@yahoo.com

  2. Hi. Thanks for following my blog. I can see this post is pretty old. But if you haven’t found what you are looking for you should try https://fetlife.com. The Social Network for the BDSM, Fetish & Kinky Community.
    Good luck!

  3. interracialcuckoldry says:

    Good luck in your search 😘


  4. interracialcuckoldry says:

    Thanks. The same to you 😘

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